OneHub Business Consulting

Social Responsibility

In 2018, Eddie established a non-profit organization focusing on employment-related issues. With social responsibility in mind, Eddie continues to help individuals and families in communities build, bridge, and boost opportunities in the Canadian workforce. OneHub Growth co-founder Sann Chan, a registered social worker in Ontario, believes in the power of community work to foster a growth mindset across different points of one’s life. She named our organization OneHub Growth, and the word “growth” has become the driving force for us in helping one build employability and financial stability. 


Through a community-based framework, we empower people to overcome societal and individual barriers to employability and financial stability to optimize their growth across their lifespan. 


We envision a community of individuals from diverse backgrounds unlocking their full potential by achieving socio-economic integration in Canadian society.

Our Four Pillars

Pillar 1
Career Advancement Programs
Pillar 2
Skills Development Programs
Pillar 3
Community Wellbeing & Social Services
Pillar 4
Public Learning Workshops
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