OneHub Business Consulting

Our Values

To facilitate and develop businesses in fulfilling their potential by bringing people, processes, and performance together under a holistic framework.
We create unique solutions to empower business owners to attain their next level of unparalleled success. 

We use the client's language to serve


We respect the client's confidentiality


We think from the client's perspectives


We respect the importance of trust


We offer the highest quality service


We listen to client's opinions

I’ve wanted to create a business consulting firm for a while now. In my past 30 years of experience, I’ve noticed that entrepreneurs often face the same problems when stabilizing and growing their businesses. I assembled the OneHub team to offer a comprehensive solution for all issues a startup or SME could encounter. 

We created a unique business consulting firm in Markham designed for immigrant entrepreneurs, students, and SME business owners to deepen their understanding of the business world. We have a structured program and the facilities to provide the essentials that will strengthen your road to success. We add value to your organization and help you prepare for business development and expansion.

Eddie Lee OneHub Business Consulting Profile Picture

Eddie Lee

Founder & CEO

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