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About OneHub.

OneHub Business Consulting is an industry-leading Canadian consulting firm that provides business consulting and advisory services to help SMEs grow and succeed.

The firm is best known for its expertise in strategy consulting, including business planning, market research, financial modelling, and digital transformation.

OneHub partners with the industry’s best to create opportunities for business owners. Through these collaborative partnerships, OneHub and many business owners tackle the inherent challenges in the business society. The firm uses client-based perspectives to formulate solutions based on their needs. In doing so, OneHub addresses the barriers to developing growth in the business. Business consulting is not only for big firms anymore but also for SMEs. OneHub specifically provides consulting to SMEs with the same quality delivered to big corporations. OneHub has a strong presence in several industries, including IT, Health & Fitness, Retail, Healthcare, Logistics, Art & Design, Education, Sports, and Supply Chain.

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“O” On Board Project
  • Leadership Project
  • Toastmasters Club
  • Seminars
  • Networking
  • Best Salesperson Award
“N” Newcomers Project
  • Immigrant Networking Group
  • Business Immigration
  • Skill Matching Support
“E” Education for Youth Project
  • Critical Thinking & Reasoning Training
  • Interpersonal Relationship and Communication
  • Gaming Industry Initiative
“H” Health Project
  • Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS)
  • Green Living & Healthy Home
  • Lifestyle Club
  • Arts
“U” University Project
  • Human Capital
  • Personal Enhancement
  • Social Capital
  • University Alumni
“B” Business Project
  • SME Supports
  • Virtual Office and Rental
  • Business Training
  • Business Development
  • Franchising
  • Business Startup
  • Channel Management
  • Trade Show
Rafael M Founder of Ultrahaus

Eddie was a very important help in the process of bringing Ultrahaus new office from Brazil to Canada, helping me to better understand how to make business in another country. In an entrepreneurial journey, it's always crucial to be.

Jammi T Chief Operations Officer of Lenovo (Former Group DFO of Acer Inc)

Eddie is reliable and resourceful. A real contributor to the organization. He is absolutely an amazing guy that I highly recommend to everyone!

Sammy C Founder of Sammy Chan & Co. Hong Kong

A trustworthy, efficient and knowledgeable partner.

Gary C Owner of CanadaLite

Eddie helped me fixed my eCommerce inventory. He redesigned and reorganized it in a way that facilities great turnover of my merchandise. Thanks Eddie for his expertise, knowledge and support.

Abdel T CEO of Adelpha Tech

First Financial Controller team did an outstanding job for our company. Great communication skills and professionalism. I highly recommend them to any business to streamline their financial processes and provide any financial matter.

Edward L CEO of MT Consulting

I am so lucky to have Eddie helping me to take care of my clients from China who tried to expand their business in Canada. Thanks to Eddie's due diligence and wide business connections, they were able to setup their own companies in no time.

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