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As the sole Founder & CEO of OneHub, Eddie has led our team of employed individuals to expand to 10 – 20 professionals and have our very own 5000+ sq feet facilities.

In Eddie’s 30 years of experience around the world, he observed that entrepreneurs and SME owners often face the same problems when trying to sustain and grow their businesses. Finding the right solutions to tackle these challenges is not in plain sight. As part of his aspirations to create a business consulting firm, he assembled the OneHub team to offer comprehensive solutions to address these SMEs’ challenges or barriers to success. We started a unique business consulting firm in Markham built to connect, strengthen, and empower SME business owners, immigrant entrepreneurs, and start-ups.

Throughout these past decades, as a senior executive of Acer Group, Eddie has travelled & lived across the globe with his family to dozens of cities in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and now North America. As an immigrant to Canada, he faced many other newcomers’ hardships.


“Despite my qualifications, I competed in a competitive job market like many other newcomers. The challenges of moving to a new country are prevalent for every newcomer; however, I learned to persevere and prevail. I learned that when facing uncertainty and adversity, we must have a growth mindset, to adapt to an ever-changing environment. These hardships of being a newcomer to Canada and experiences working with people around the world triggered my empathy to build a solution-oriented consulting firm.”

Eddie Lee - Founder & CEO

Eddie Lee OneHub Business Consulting

Many clients and colleagues say that our team is the best because they are diverse business leaders and industry experts with extensive experience in their respective fields. OneHub Business Consulting brings in the right people to drive innovation, conquer complex issues, and create long-term impact for SMEs. We invest in diversity, equity, inclusion, and employee well-being to nurture our team’s learning and development. We bring people, processes, and performance to unlock the full potential of our clients.

50+ Team members, Partners, Industry leaders, and consultants

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