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Date Founded Office Location Team Size Press Contact
July 2018
Unit 1 & 4, 205 Torbay Road, Markham, Ontario L3R 3W4
11 - 50 employees
OneHub Unit 1 Office
OneVita Newsletter


What is OneVita?

OneVita is the official OneHub Training and Development Newsletter.

The name “OneVita” was selected as the official name to represent the theme of “learning is life”. Vita means “life” in Italian.

Quarter 2, 2022


Quarter 1, 2022

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Media Repository


Eddie Bio

Dave Bio

Dave Biography - One Pager

Eddie Bio - Chinese

Flyer about Eddie (Chinese)

Eddie Bio

Eddie Bio Newspaper Version

Eddie Bio Newspaper Version (Chinese)

Business Cards

Eddie Lee Business Card

Eddie Lee (CEO) OneHub Business Cards

Dave Kwan Business Card

Dave Kwan (Partner - Professional Development) Business Cards

Anthony Lai Business Card

Anthony Lai (CPA) OneHub Business Cards

Joey Kong Business Card

Joey Kong (Administration) OneHub Business Cards

Joyce Wong Business Card

Joyce Wong (Project Specialist) OneHub Business Cards

Joey Kong Business Card

Joey Kong SF Express Business Cards

Rose Lee Business Card

Rose Lee Business Cards

Milly Ding Business Card

Milly Ding Business Cards

Jacky Yu Business Card

Jacky Yu Business Cards

Marco Tsui Business Card

Alex Kong Business Card

Slim Jims

Professional Quotient Rapport Selling

OneHub Professional Quotient Rapport Selling Brochure

Professional Development

OneHub Professional Development Brochure

Business Solution Recipe

OneHub Business Solution Recipe Brochure

Youth Entrepreneurs System

OneHub Youth Entrepreneurs System Brochure

Marketing Booster Packages

OneHub Marketing Booster Packages Brochure

Social Media for your business

OneHub Social Media Brochure


OneHub CritQ Brochure

Taxation &

OneHub Taxation & Appeals Brochure


OneHub Growth Placement Point

Human Resources Management

OneHub Human Resources Management Info Package

Canada Ontario Job Grant Program

OneHub Canada Ontario Job Grant Program Info Package

Website Development & management

OneHub Website Development & Management Course

Four Phases of Integration

Integration Services in Ontario

Holistic Business Services

Holistic Business Services

Holistic Business Services

Flyer - Holistic Business Services

Trust, Transform, Control

OneHub Bicycle

OneHub Rowing

Small Business Loan

Management Consulting

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