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The Learning Tree at OneHub symbolizes the growth and development of a person or an organization. 

Learning is like a tree that grows every year and in cycles like the seasons. New leaves will grow in the spring as a sign of life and self renewal. 

A person or an organization should have their own cycles of growth and renewal. OneHub offers solutions to fulfill your growth and development needs. 

Your mind is your greatest asset. Choose what you learn to enhance this asset. 


Insights Discovery to Personal Effectiveness


  • Are you searching for an inspiring personal development experience?
  • Are you looking for a way to better understand your personal impact?
  • Would you like to understand others better?


‘Insights Discovery to Personal Effectiveness’ introduces the Insights Discovery model which provides individuals with a better understanding of human behaviour and personality. By increasing self understanding and understanding of others, we can significantly impact our level of personal effectiveness by enhancing our ability to adapt and connect with others. Ultimately, this knowledge will improve our ability to understand, motivate, and communicate with different people.

As part of this session, participants receive a comprehensive Insights Discovery Profile which describes personality type in terms of the Insights Discovery model, and provides insightful information such as personal preferences, communication style, and strategies for motivating and managing their particular personality type, which assists participants in increasing self awareness.

Participants will develop an understanding of the Insights four colour energies and a common language and framework for discussing and understanding behaviour. They will learn about their personality type and work styles, and how this impacts those around them. This course includes strategies for adapting our approach to better meet the needs of others. It will improve communication, personal effectiveness, and team performance.


Insights Discovery Personality Profile

  • Insights Discovery is a personality profiling system which is administered online.
  • Takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.
  • Result is a 21-page practical summary of:
    • The respondent’s work-style preferences.
    • Personal communication style.
    • Practical strategies for adapting and connecting with one another.
    • Strengths and potential blind spots.

Typical Outcomes

  • Improves communication between individuals or team members
  • Individuals understand one another better
  • Enhance relationships in teams
  • Increased trust and tolerance which enable the team to tackle difficult situations
  • Get to know one another and how to work effectively together

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  • Are you a student going to university in the next couple of years?
  • Are you a university student preparing for a professional program?
  • How prepared are you to answer, “tell me about yourself”?
  • How well are your critical thinking and problem-solving skills?
  • Do you have a systematic process to identify others’ personalities?

Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI) are the current formats of interview for students who wants to pursue professional programs (medical, biomedical sciences, nursing, pharmacy, engineering etc.) in North American universities. A student needs to be top of the game when attending the interview, since time is extremely limited, the pace is very fast and tension is extremely intensive. Usually a student goes through 8 interview rooms within a 90-minute period.

CritQTM stands for Critical Reasoning and Interpersonal Transformation Quotient. CritQTM is the ability of a student to think critically when responding to, or proactively acting on, an issue or problem that requires an optimized solution to resolve. In such, a personal branding and an interpersonal communication strategy is needed to bridge with others emotionally and collaboratively to resolve the issue or problem. Applying this learning to MMI will facilitate students to build a unique skill set when applying for professional program in North American universities


There are six capacities of CritQTM

  1. Self-branding
  2. Emotional bridging
  3. Establish a robust argument
  4. Critical thinking optimization
  5. Leadership though process
  6. Presenting a solution


Expected outcomes:

  • Increase in all capacities scores of CritQTM inventory
  • Multiple Mini Interview ready for students
  • Enhance interpersonal skills and confidence in connection with others
  • Expand circle of influence and leadership
  • Increase problem solving capabilities through collaboration


Who should attend?

  • Students preparing to apply for medical, biomedical sciences, engineering, business and major professional programs.
  • University graduates preparing for graduate schools.
  • Students who want to advance their critical thinking and interpersonal skills.

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Effective Interpersonal Selling

Selling is NOT telling. OneHub believes that strategically connecting on an interpersonal level will propel the selling process effectively.

Effective Interpersonal Selling Program is a 3-day classroom instructor led, highly interactive training program with 3 core components to increase effectiveness in face-to-face selling.


Day 1

  • Insights Discovery to Personal Effectiveness

Day 2

  • Discovering Sales Effectiveness – Using the Personal Profile from Insights Discovery to advance the learning. Participants will learn how to:
    • Strategize the best personalized approach to customers and clients
    • Identify needs and propose sales solutions
    • Sell to customers and clients effectively
    • Gain commitment from customers and clients to advance the sale

Day 3

  • Customer Centricity

This component enables participants to think from the customer’s perspective during the selling process. Customer Centricity will discuss six key attributes in selling and servicing customers. Participants will create action plans to solidify their learning.

Intended Outcomes

  • Increase the ability to quickly and systematically identify customer’s personality and their preferences in face-to-face interactions.
  • Structure and strategize the sales approach by adapt and connect based on the customer’s preferences to increase engagement, effectiveness and higher closing results.
  • Transform customer experiences by utilize a established thinking process to put the customers at the center of a salesperson’s actions.
  • This program will result in better customer engagement, increase effectiveness of face-to-face interactions, higher revenue generation and better customer loyalty.

Who should attend?

  • Salesperson or sales teams with face-to-face customer contact
  • Individuals with sales profession interest
  • Business owners

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Customer Centricity

  • Are the customers always right?
  • What can I do better to improve customer services?
  • How can my organization to outperform my competitors by providing better customer service?

OneHub believes that customer loyalty is a critical component of business success. We identify six attributes that excel customer service behaviors. They are trust, integrity, professional, passion, expertise and relationship. Participants will be able to work on action plan in perfecting their own approach to customer service.



Who should attend?

  • Customer service representatives
  • Call center representatives
  • Customer service managers

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“You Do Not Have Canadian Experience” workshop

  • Are you a new to Canada, new immigrant or permanent resident?
  • How to you answer to the statement – “You Do Not Have Canadian Experience”?
  • Do you feel helpless when you hear about this statement?
  • Are you prepared to answer?
  • How do you structure your answers?
  • How confident are you when you answer?

This workshop teaches learners to answer the statement “You Do Not Have Canadian Experience” confidently. Through interactive learning, this workshop provides learners to change the perception of the statement and a structure in answering the statement.


Who should attend?

  • New immigrants that facing the challenge to start a career in Canada
  • University graduates that is starting a career after graduation

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Performance Enhancement Coaching

  • Are you challenged to manage others?
  • Do you manage a team that have different personality?
  • Do you think it is difficult to change the behaviors of others?
  • Do you have documentations of how your direct report performs?
  • Are you dealing with attitudes of others that you feel deflated?


Managing other individuals is one of the biggest challenges to most entrepreneurs. Many feel that it is difficult to change the behaviors of others by just telling them to change. OneHub believes that coaching is a power tool to pull together management and employees to a higher collaboration level.

The Performance Enhancement Coaching program will help organization to implement coaching as part of the organizational culture to improve knowledge and skill sets. Managers can learn skills to coach their teams and peers in a professional, systematic manner towards a common standard. This program will enable the utilization of coaching summary for systematic documentation.

 Who should attend?

  • Managers who are managing others and teams
  • Directors who are managing managers
  • Business owners

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Our programs are designed to help you…

Dave Kwan

Principal – Professional Development

Dave Kwan is the mastermind behind OneHub’s professional development programs. Dave is a certified training and development strategist and a leader with a unique learning vision. With a strong track record of effectively executing learning strategies, Dave can be relied on to enhance performance outcomes to achieve business and personal successes. His areas of expertise include curriculum development, training strategy execution and interactive facilitation.

Our Vision

OneHub professional development programs are designed to optimize the learning experience and increase your strength to outperform. OneHub engages the learners that learnings are not limited to the classroom but can be transferred and applied to the mainstream business world. Hence, the outcome of the learning will be a transformed individual that increase competitiveness and performance.

We believe our learners are serious in seeking the formula to personal and professional success. Our programs are gear towards advancing the skills sets to another level that you may not think possible.

Your goals are achievable, your future is unwritten. You are the author. OneHub can provide you with the right tools to write it.

A person who is driven for lifelong learning builds his/her skills sets to solidify his/her strength and leverage his/her knowledge as power in order to become successful.

OneHub offers one stop learning solutions for individuals and enterprises. OneHub creates a professionally facilitated learning environment to grow individuals and enterprises in reaching their full potentials so that they can accomplish their goals professionally, academically, and personally.

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