Performance Enhancement Coaching

Course Overview

Performance Enhancement Coaching
  • Are you challenged to manage others?
  • Do you manage a team that have different personality?
  • Do you think it is difficult to change the behaviors of others?
  • Do you have documentations of how your direct report performs?
  • Are you dealing with attitudes of others that you feel deflated?

Managing other individuals is one of the biggest challenges to most entrepreneurs. Many feel that it is difficult to change the behaviors of others by just telling them to change. OneHub believes that coaching is a power tool to pull together management and employees to a higher collaboration level.

The Performance Enhancement Coaching program will help organization to implement coaching as part of the organizational culture to improve knowledge and skill sets. Managers can learn skills to coach their teams and peers in a professional, systematic manner towards a common standard. This program will enable the utilization of coaching summary for systematic documentation.

Who Should Attend?

  • Managers who are managing others and teams
  • Directors who are managing managers
  • Business owners

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