OneHub Business Consulting

High Impact Presentation
(Elevator Pitch)

Course Overview

Public Speaking
  • Are you afraid of public speaking?
  • Do you want to gain confidence when presenting your ideas?
  • If you have 30 seconds, how do you present yourself to others?
  • Are you pitching your business to a potential investor?
  • How to answer questions effectively in front of an audience?

This program teaches you how to make an impactful presentation in person or online. Certainly, public speaking and presenting oneself could be the biggest fear of a human being. Confidence, preparedness and focus are keys to making an impact. This program teaches you how to prepare, focus and plan for making the most impactful presentation of your life.

Answering questions from the audience could get you off guard. This program also teaches 4 smart answering question techniques that maintain confidence and keep your cool.

Who Should Attend?

  • Entrepreneurs who are making a pitch to potential investor.
  • Professionals who want to advance their presentation skills.
  • Employees who are presenting to senior leadership in a company.
  • Sales individuals who are presenting to groups of customers.
  • Students who are presenting their ideas and project to senior academic individuals.

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