Insights Discovery to Personal Effectiveness

Course Overview

insights discovery
  • Are you searching for an inspiring personal development experience?
  • Are you looking for a way to better understand your personal impact?
  • Would you like to understand others better?

‘Insights Discovery to Personal Effectiveness’ introduces the Insights Discovery model which provides individuals with a better understanding of human behaviour and personality. By increasing self understanding and understanding of others, we can significantly impact our level of personal effectiveness by enhancing our ability to adapt and connect with others. Ultimately, this knowledge will improve our ability to understand, motivate, and communicate with different people.

As part of this session, participants receive a comprehensive Insights Discovery Profile which describes personality type in terms of the Insights Discovery model, and provides insightful information such as personal preferences, communication style, and strategies for motivating and managing their particular personality type, which assists participants in increasing self awareness.

Participants will develop an understanding of the Insights four colour energies and a common language and framework for discussing and understanding behaviour. They will learn about their personality type and work styles, and how this impacts those around them. This course includes strategies for adapting our approach to better meet the needs of others. It will improve communication, personal effectiveness, and team performance.

Insights Discovery Personality Profile

  • Insights Discovery is a personality profiling system which is administered online.
  • Takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.
  • Result is a 21-page practical summary of:
    • The respondent’s work-style preferences.
    • Personal communication style.
    • Practical strategies for adapting and connecting with one another.
    • Strengths and potential blind spots.

Typical Outcomes

  • Improves communication between individuals or team members
  • Individuals understand one another better
  • Enhance relationships in teams
  • Increased trust and tolerance which enable the team to tackle difficult situations
  • Get to know one another and how to work effectively together

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