Course Overview

  • Are you a student going to university in the next couple of years?
  • Are you a university student preparing for a professional program?
  • How prepared are you to answer, “tell me about yourself”?
  • How well are your critical thinking and problem-solving skills?
  • Do you have a systematic process to identify others’ personalities?

Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI) are the current formats of interview for students who wants to pursue professional programs (medical, biomedical sciences, nursing, pharmacy, engineering etc.) in North American universities. A student needs to be top of the game when attending the interview, since time is extremely limited, the pace is very fast and tension is extremely intensive. Usually a student goes through 8 interview rooms within a 90-minute period.

CritQTM stands for Critical Reasoning and Interpersonal Transformation Quotient. CritQTM is the ability of a student to think critically when responding to, or proactively acting on, an issue or problem that requires an optimized solution to resolve. In such, a personal branding and an interpersonal communication strategy is needed to bridge with others emotionally and collaboratively to resolve the issue or problem. Applying this learning to MMI will facilitate students to build a unique skill set when applying for professional program in North American universities

There Are Six Capacities Of CritQTM

  1. Self-branding
  2. Emotional bridging
  3. Establish a robust argument
  4. Critical thinking optimization
  5. Leadership though process
  6. Presenting a solution

Expected Outcomes:

  • Increase in all capacities scores of CritQTM inventory
  • Multiple Mini Interview ready for students
  • Enhance interpersonal skills and confidence in connection with others
  • Expand circle of influence and leadership
  • Increase problem solving capabilities through collaboration

Who Should Attend?

  • Students preparing to apply for medical, biomedical sciences, engineering, business and major professional programs.
  • University graduates preparing for graduate schools.
  • Students who want to advance their critical thinking and interpersonal skills.

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