Canadian Sales Career Society

Course Overview

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  • Are you a sales professional for many years?
  • Are you starting a sales career?
  • Do you want to upgrade your skills and standards in selling?
  • How often do you learn from your selling peers?

This is a group on LinkedIn for sales professionals across different industries with the following objectives:

  • To provide a platform for salespersons of different industries to share, network and learn.
  • To develop and raise the professional standards for individuals having a sales career.
  • To engage individuals that would like to start a career in sales.

The long-term vision for this group is to provide ongoing support, learning opportunities and cross pollination for sales professionals to grow in changing times.

Who Should Attend?

  • Experience sales professionals
  • Sales leaders and directors
  • Starter in a sales career
  • Business owners

Join the Canadian Sales Career Society Now:

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