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Our integration program is designed for Immigrants from Hong Kong to accelerate their integration into the Canadian way of life. This seamless program will minimize the transitional uncertainty of an immigrant. Participants will be able to outpace others in adapting and integrating their life into mainstream Canada. This program has 4 phases, each phase is designed with a specific objective.



Your 4 Phases of Integration in Ontario

Ontario Settlement Guidebook

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    安加建業 - Ontario Settlement Guide

    Phase 1 pre-land

    To understand the general environment of Canada and mindset needed before coming to Canada.

    Webinar with OneHub Integration Team

    Canadian living environment and mindset checklist

    Registration for Personal Integration Resource Guide

    Hong Kong
    Ontario Integration Services

    Phase 2 Settlement

    To accelerate settlement of life in Canada.

    Welcome and orientation session

    Establish a life in Canada - home, driver license, banking etc.

    Tax and finance workshop

    Government funded settlement services

    Immigration legal services

    Schooling for children

    Phase 3 Career & Education Ignition

    To start a career in Canada and the steps need to take to maximize confidence, personal branding and potential of the individual.

    To engage immigrants to professional recruitment services.

    To engage a younger generation for higher education and enrichment.

    OneHub Training & Development

    Career Ignition

    Canadian business English

    Personal strength analysis

    Canadian networking

    Developing your personal “branding”

    Responding to “You Do Not Have Canadian Experience” workshop

    Video resume

    Job Search Ignition

    Canadian job market insights and advice

    Canadian resume and interview workshop

    Interview practice sessions

    Referral to job recruiters

    Education Ignition

    Education objective analysis

    Schooling recommendation

    Application and enrolment advisory

    Multiple Mini Interviews preparation for professional programs

    Mentoring from Canadian Born Chinese

    Ontario Integration Services

    Phase 4 Professional Integration

    To further integrate into Canadian mainstream and leading in the community.

    Building a sustainable Canadian business

    OneHub professional club services

    Advance management skills

    Canadian business mentorship

    Executive coaching

    Community leadership

    We can help with your immigration process here in Ontario

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