OneHub Business Consulting

Business Expansion in Canada

Business Development

Helping SMEs expand their business in Canada is one of our core specialties. We understand the difficulties and problems SMEs typically encounter. As a result, through our years of extensive experience, we can create solutions to approach these situations. Not to mention that our team is built of business professionals, entrepreneurs, and community leaders. Our consultant firm can attend to your needs through our physical and virtual offices.

How we help

Our group of professionals offers a combination of industry expertise and pragmatic insight into North American policies, regulations, and the latest business environment. We can help you find new growth opportunities and take your company to its next level of development. We have network connections with influential non-profit organizations, business associations, and industry leaders.

We can develop your business

Phase 1
  • Idea & Research
  • Business Startup & Relocation
  • Budget & Business Plan
Phase 2
  • Legal & Tax Advice
  • Company Setup
  • Investment & Funding
Phase 3
Business Development
  • eCommerce Platform
  • Marketing Production
  • Channel Connections
Phase 4
  • Office & Workplace
  • Administration
  • Operation Management
  • Hiring & HR Management
Phase 5
Mature Stage
  • Training & Development
  • Marketing Management
  • Channel Management
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